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ACCU-CRETE, INC. - "We average two bids per week, more then 100 per year and we have had trouble free service. If you want dependability, these are the people to use."
ADVANCED ASPHALT - "By using ROCTEK software we saved a tremendous amount of time in the takeoff process, which in turn helps us to be more efficient and more profitable."

"We are happy with our ROCTEK take-off system, and recommend ROCTEK to any contractors in need of an easy to use, Windows-based take-off system."


ATKINSON CONSTRUCTION - "We have found it easy to use, and people that are new to the system, can be trained to use it in no time at all."
AUSONIO INC. - "We recommend that anyone contemplating the purchase of digitizer software pay close attention to your products; we feel they are the best."
BOWKER CONSTRUCTION CO., INC. - "This program has been a real time saver in quantity take-offs."
COOK & SOLIS CONSTRUCTION INC. - "We have found that we are more accurate and timely in our submittals using the WINSCALE™ software and the GTCO 30" x 36" digitizer then our competition."

"Our company has grown eightfold in the volume of work we have done in the last six years without substantial increase in personnel. I feel that is in large part due to the use of the system ROCTEK helped implement in our company."

"I would like to thank you and all your technical support staff for their contribution in making Cook and Solis Construction as successful as we are!"


INLAND ASPHALT COMPANY - "I periodically do a manual take-off as a check and find ROCTEK'S accuracy phenomenal."

ROCTEK allows me the time to look at more work more quickly, when projects start stacking up and that, in itself makes ROCTEK a valuable tool."


MID-STATES GENERAL AND MECHANICAL CONTRACTING CORP. - "Your take-off systems just keep getting better and we really appreciate the ease of use of your latest Windows-based software. Upon the rare occasion that we have needed help, your technical support staff have provided prompt, courteous, professional support."

"We find the ROCTEK take-off tools to be an asset to our operations, and we highly recommend your systems to others with needs for digitizer-based take-off systems for Windows."


SIS, INC. - "What a difference!"
WELTY BUILDING CO. LTD. - We have been using WINSCALE™ and WINEX™ for almost nine years and are extremely satisfied and pleased to report that they not only save us numerous hours on each project and have allowed us more of our valuable time to think out each situation on a project enabling us to better understand our challenges."

"I personally have been using WINSCALE™ for almost fifteen years."


WESPAC CONSTRUCTION INC. - "The WINSCALE™ program enables us to get our quantities taken off more efficiently."

"Their customer service has always responded courteously and promptly."

WICK CONSTRUCTORS - "The WINSCALE™ Digitizer also offers out firm flexibility. We are not required to purchase specific estimating software, the WINSCALE™ Digitizer can be used independently as well as with other estimating products."

"We have also found the product to be very easy for new employees to learn and to use effectively within a short period of time."


TOLEDO ZOO - "WINSCALE™ lets you keep on doing your estimates the way you always have done them, but gives you most of the take-off features of many of the much higher priced estimating software."

"I spent and hour or so with the tutorial and I was ready to get started. It was that easy!"