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Roctek has been an industry leader in innovative software solutions for decades. We know our clients, their needs, and cater our software and support to serve you better.

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Roctek has been developing takeoff software in-house since 1985 and we're not slowing down. We understand the problems that you face everyday and keep pace with new and innovative ways of delivering what you need from your software. We typically provide several large releases each year and take your feedback into consideration on each one. Many of our best ideas have come from clients like you.

We truly appreciate our clients and are here to help with anything you need. There's no question too big or too small. While under the Annual Maintenance Plan, you have access to unlimited technical support and training, most of which is done on-screen for hands-on learning. Feel free to reach out and take advantage of our decades of experience, get your takeoff done faster, and get back to doing what you love.

Our calculation methods boast the accuracy that you need while our data entry and editing are easy and intuitive. You'll get all the high-end, time saving features like linework importing, 3D analysis, and more without breaking the bank. Our client base ranges from one-man-bands all the way to Fortune 100 companies proving that Roctek is a great fit for all. Get more for your money and save time with Roctek!


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Build confidence in your quantities with takeoff software you can trust. There is no job too complicated with tools that are easy to learn and support you can depend on. Move your projects truly on-screen and count on our precision.

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