Did You Know....
  • 33 of ENR's Top 50 Contractors use ROCTEK Takeoff Software!
  • Over 35% of the top 400 Contractors use ROCTEK Takeoff Software!
  • WinEx™, WinEx Pro™, WinScale™, SOFTakeoff ™ and PRESTTO™ will run on Windows 98, 2000 Pro & XP Pro. We do not recommend Windows ME or XP Home Edition.
  • ROCTEK products are used in Japan, Europe, Canada, Australia/New Zealand, Asia!
  • ROCTEK products are used as teaching tools in Universities and Colleges!
  • ROCTEK products use advanced mathematics algorithms written in C/C++ for accuracy and unrivalled performance!
  • ROCTEK products have powerful, multi-axis, 3-D renditions to provide visual verifications of graphical takeoffs !
  • You can update answers and results directly from WinScale™, WinEx™,
    WinEx Pro™ to virtually any Windows Application!
  • 37% of estimators say they use a spreadsheet for producing estimates!